Think Better: The Best Stuff I Read This Week – November 4, 2011

How To Get a Job With a Small Company – Seth Godin

Seth describes how getting hired at a Fortune 500 company is very different than getting hired at a small company. Yet, all of the popular wisdom about getting a job is oriented toward navigating the process in a large company. Ironically, large companies are getting smaller over the last 20 years, while small companies are growing. If you want to work at a small company, the hiring game is very different. In fact, it’s simply not a game. You have to demonstrate value. Seth mentions selling and content creation (writing skills and technical/creative) as components.

Spooky – Mike Metzger – Doggie Head Tilt

The number four show up in a number of patterns that characterize life, like infancy, childhood,adulthood, elder years. Another example is winter, spring, summer, fall. There’s a pattern to all of life. This is particularly helpful since people are “severely limited” in their ability for truly rational thought. We can only process a very little amount of information at a given time. Patterns, and a limiting of options, help us along. The four-chapter pattern makes sense since it is found in the biblical narrative of the core of our reality. This narrative also describes four chapters: creation, fall, redemption, restoration.

Our modern society is rather skeptical of anything transcendent. Our preoccupation with intellectualization has lead us to be come dis-enchanted. What we need, according to C.S. Lewis is more fairy tales – things that are enchanting. “Spells are used for for breaking enchantments as well as for inducing them.” Will we weave spells for good or for evil?



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