May, 2011

Make Meaning?

What things are the most important to you?

Do you realize that these things are important to you only if you say they are? I’m not saying that you’re in control of reality. I am saying that you’re in control of your reality.

So, one of the primary struggles of being human is aligning my reality to actual (i.e. outside-of-myself) reality.

Each of us is equipped to do this differently. We can all appreciate different things. We all have different intuitions. Different abilities. Different curiosities.

And different blindnesses.

Still, we’re all trying to align, create, or change reality (ours or that outside of us).

Fundamentally, we’re all creators. We all create our reality. And we’re all co-creators of actual reality. It’s our opportunity and responsibility to turn reality into a meaningful expression. Remember, reality has no meaning to us unless we make it so. An action, our work, a task, a comment, the way we build something, our ethical implementation, our influence, a conversation, our analysis of our world… it can all be meaningful. It shows up in our intentions and how we do something.

Instead of resigning ourselves the the rote responsibilities of living life, each of us can make meaning. In everything. This is what I want my life to be about.

The process usually starts by taking a thing – anything – and asking “why?”